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Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

How to Create a Logo and URL Logo

How to Create a Logo and URL Logo - I want to share a little about how the logo as well take the URL of the logo.
logo is usually used to complement a web. This is just for beginners like me. and junior fashion designer and the Webmaster if there are any corrections please
program used is an online program that is cool text.
here you can directly enter or copy the following address for getting there
as an example that I use on a background header widget on my blog and also at the exchange link logo on the bottom right corner of my blog.
all I make with this online program.

The following are the steps how to make logo
This is the main page of Cooltext.

Please select the instance you created a logo that will suit your taste.

please fill your own. if you want to change the fonts please click on the letter that there are examples


click render if completed 
here you will be faced with four options, namely 
  • download = if you want to download the logo.
  • Edit = if you are still not satisfied with the logo that you created 
  • get HTML = HTML at once to get the URL of the logo 
  • Email = if you want to send a logo to your friends.
select HTML
 select AGREE
if you have not registered please register first and enter your email account following my pasword. then press login
then click and then click get HTML rendered
and this is the result of HTML and URL the logo that you created. Easy is not it ..

So little tips n trick this time and info on How to Create a Logo and URL Logo. May be useful for you. If you think this article interesting, please leave a comment or click the "like" below. I hope your attention can motivate me to get better.

Wonderfull to share with you


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